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The Junior Wing of Modern English School, Kahilipara.

Preschool is about discovery. Children explore a wide variety of academic, social, physical, and emotional lessons. Apart from core areas of learning – Literacy, Numeracy and Cognitive skills we work on gross motor skills, communication skills and skill of collaboration. Our children realize their unique abilities in a systematic, synergetic, and self-paced manner.

Expert Faculty

Our teachers are generous, cooperative, patient, caring, helpful, empathetic, tactful, and friendly while working with very active, curious and fragile minds. Our training programmes are designed to strengthen all pedagogical needs of teachers with practical approach, which are best suited for kids.

Our Curriculum

Pre school curriculum in Modern Academy focuses on balanced approach .It is based on the hands-on approach, loads of creative activities which helps develop their fine and gross motor skills. We promote learning while helping children meet the various language, social, physical, and cognitive goals.


Modern Academy aims to create a home away from home for little children, where they are free to learn and absorb in a stress-free environment. Modern Academy truly believes in the holistic development of children, and we provide a happy, caring, and safe environment for each child.

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The concept of school and pre-school education consists of , ideologies and programs


Years of Empowering education


In nursery, we focus on play-based learning. Class starts with circle time. It's a particular time for sharing charts, rhymes, songs, play, participation in movement games, and relaxation activities. Children learn new concepts, skills, coloring, drawing, crafting, and writing, developing their fine motor skills. We teach children to take care of their own basic needs with various activities.


Lower kindergarten is the preliminary stage that a child has to undergo to progress towards the completion of his kindergarten education. At LKG we encourage children to participate in various learning experiences that enhance their well-being and confidence as learners. Our curriculum is concept-oriented and not exam-oriented, keeping in mind the overall qualitative development of a child.


Curriculum in UKG is focused on structured reading, writing, arithmetic, understanding of primary and secondary colour, the concept of time, manipulative skills, observation, and visual perception, thinking, and imagination, problem-solving, emotional and social skills. We teach concepts through activities and a variety of hands-on experiences to ensure smooth transition to formal schooling with progressive learning experiences.

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About Modern Academy

Established in 1984, we spent a fulfilling 37 years helping the child learn, play, evolve, and find their unique talents and skills. The junior wing of Modern English School was renamed Modern Academy in 2005. Our Junior Wing - Modern Academy for students aged 3-6, offers every child a happy, safe, and innovative learning experience to proceed for a solid and confident personality. We believe that a good learning experience in the early years has a very enduring impact on the days to come regarding their abilities, interests, and identity.

  • Ensuring safety as a top priority
  • Providing Fun-learning environment
  • Following the collaborative approach of teaching
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