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Modern Academy

The first learning’s of children pave the way for their life ahead and are the crucial period of their lives. Established in 1984, we spent a fulfilling 37 years helping the child learn, play, evolve, and find their unique talents and skills. The junior wing of Modern English School was renamed Modern Academy in 2005. Our Junior Wing - Modern Academy for students aged 3-6, offers every child a happy, safe, and innovative learning experience to proceed for a solid and confident personality. We believe that a good learning experience in the early years has a very enduring impact on the days to come regarding their abilities, interests, and identity. Furthermore, the innovative teaching methodology makes the learning experience fun and aligned with the world outside the school gates. Motivation and positive experience through different learning activities develop confidence in learners. Therefore, a friendly, well-planned, and purposeful environment is created for children to help them explore their strengths and weaknesses and build their own distinct identity. We try to deliver integrated learning opportunities to the highest standard by keeping flexibility between academics and co-curricular activities. We believe that parents and teachers are the keys to the development of children. Therefore, we make sure that well-balanced, structured, and quality learning is imparted to each child, which will negate the need for academic help at home. We ensure that all children have access to indoor and outdoor provisions, all in excellent condition. Our main aim for children is to enjoy the learning process and their time with us, and we, in turn, ensure that it enhances their learning and development. We welcome you to join the Modern Academy family and give your child the best integrated, holistic, and empowering learning experience.

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